Travis Lynch, Voice Actor

Real. Versatile. Urban.


Travis Lynch is a voice over service provider who possesses a young, urban and real feel.  He also has the versatility to deliver a serious, heartfelt emotional read when the tone is called upon.  Take a listen, to let your message to be found in his voice.

Q:           Will you audition for free?

A:           I will.  Send a script to  I’ll send back a high-quality .mp3 file for you to review.  If you decide to go with me, we can use that as the baseline for any feedback or notes you have about my performance. 

Q:           What do you charge for voiceover services?

A:           I have a rate sheet consistent with standard business practices offered by other voiceover actors in the industry.  Please send me an email here with your contact information and a description of your project and I’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

Q:           What sites are you affiliated with and training do you have?

A:           I am a graduate Braintracks Audio, a voice over training curriculum taught by voice over and branding coach Nancy Wolfson.  I Am a Voiceover talent and voice over talent.  I'm also located on Bodalgo.  

Q:           Do you offer other services like royalty-free music or sound effects?

A:           I have a player of music under the music tab you can review and add to your project.  Take a listen to hear what I can add to your project!

Q:           What is the charge for that service?

A:           My rate is $200 for the insertion of royalty-free music, and $150 for sound effects. For these, I have a “three drafts” policy, so if you don’t like the first cut I send you, I can give you two more to listen to for your consideration at no additional charge.  Please provide the mood you wish to convey with the music, and I will provide accordingly.

Q:           How you handle payment?

A:           I can send you an invoice via Paypal or my own billing system, both methods of which you can pay with a credit card or send a check to my invoice address.  Let me know the method you prefer.

Q:            I’m in a rush, so how fast can you get this back to me?

A:           I caution 24-hour advanced notification of all projects.  This is mainly due to events outside of my control (power outages, internet outages) and other scheduled projects.  In most cases, I can turn projects around in 1-6 hours if it’s just VO. For VO and music/sound effects, I’m usually able to turn projects around in 3-9 hours.  Please inform me of the timeframe up front, and I will adjust my schedule accordingly.

Q:           What equipment do you have in your home studio?

A:           - Microphones: Rode NT1A

-        Audio Interface: Digidesign ProTools 002 Rack

-        Mixer:

-        Power Conditioner: Furman

-        Audio Editing Programs: ProTools 9, GarageBand, 

-        File Transfer Procedures: Email, FTP, Dropbox & overnight mail