Travis Lynch, Voice Actor

Real. Versatile. Urban.


Travis Lynch is a voice over service provider who possesses a young, urban and real feel.  He also has the versatility to deliver a serious, heartfelt emotional read when the tone is called upon.  Take a listen, to let your message to be found in his voice.

Script and Music

Most of the time when auditioning for a commercial, you don't get the opportunity to hear the actual music that will be apart of the commercial.  At best, sometimes you'll get a description of the scene or the feeling of the music behind it.  

Recently, I auditioned for a Windows phone commercial which included the music to support the commercial. This was a great experience for me because you immediately understand the mood and feel of the commercial by the chosen music.  You also get to figure out how to let the music emphasize certain words or phrases in the script.  

Check out my audition below and let me know what you think!