Travis Lynch, Voice Actor

Real. Versatile. Urban.


Travis Lynch is a voice over service provider who possesses a young, urban and real feel.  He also has the versatility to deliver a serious, heartfelt emotional read when the tone is called upon.  Take a listen, to let your message to be found in his voice.

Welcome To the NFL!

The NFL Draft is a big celebrated moment for many football players working since their youth for that singular moment of validation.  In 2014, I was fortunate enough to be part of the process in welcoming them to the NFL.  

The NFL Player's Association goes all out in welcoming the 1st round draft picks to the NFL. The NFLPA Rookie Premiere welcome video invites the players to LA to begin the process of creating the photos, trading cards and videos that the fans of football enjoy and use to learn about their new favorite players.

This was an exciting project to be part of.  If I ever meet any of the drafted players, I'll have to ask them about how the NFLPA Rookie Premiere weekend was!